It's NOT Just About Getting a Dealer License!
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 How to Start and Operate a Successful Used Car Business
How to Get Your License


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You laid the business out in plain and simple English.....

I have learned more from your manuals than I have in the last three years as a retail car sales associate (salesman). I am both thankful and impressed. You laid the business out in plain and easy to read English. I say all this to say, God bless you.

T. J. - Berkeley, WV

Don Massey   
Don Massey Consulting Inc
Colorado Dealer License #38936

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I Will Show You the Step-by-Step Process on
How to Get Your Dealer License and
Operate a Profitable Used Car Business
in All 50 States!


 New updated 2016 editions!

Hey, let me share some private thoughts...

Dealer License Headquarters Hi, I'm Don Massey; a Colorado dealer. I receive calls everyday asking me questions about how to get a license and get into the car business. People just like you.

 Some of the callers only want to sell a few  cars a month.

Others want to know about the car wholesale business.

Some want to know how to get a dealer license.

There are others who ask if they can sell cars without a license.

Some want to export cars and have the chance to cash in on the devaluation off the dollar.

There are others who ask if they can sell cars without a dealer license.

Many want to start an Internet car business on eBay or Craigslist.

And some just want to know how to get a car cheaper than anyone else.

It's impossible to answer all the questions in a few short minutes on the phone. So to answer these questions and share my years of experience I have put together the ultimate information package on getting a dealer license.

I like to think about it as a "Car Business in a Box". It is everything you'll need to know to get your license and start a profitable used car business.

If these are the questions you want answered then you should invest in this package now! It answers all those questions and more....


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"Car Business in a Box"

Now A Licensed Dealer Shows You
How to Get Your Dealer License and
How the Operate the Day-to-Day Business!


It's NOT Just About
Getting the Dealer License.
YOU Must Know the Car Business, too!

You'll learn:

Insider secrets for financing your business. How to get the money to buy your first cars.

Learn the closely guarded secrets of how car dealers price cars. Discover the "sources" they use to determine the true wholesale and retail value of a car. This alone can save you thousands the next time you buy a car.

Uncover the six activities your state regulates. Find out how to increase profits with 8 additional sources of income other than selling cars.

How to determine your start-up costs for your dealer license.

Information on zoning laws, business licenses and business plans.

Find out precisely the information you'll need to see if this business is for you.

I Promise You This!

This package reveals everything you need to know to begin
get your dealer license and begin buying and selling cars.

Experts say.......
this IS the
best information available..

Hello, I work at a small independent lot where I handle all the sales, financing and other customer service issues. Long story short… your books have great information in them. They are very detailed and have very good legal information in them. Thank you for making this available to people who need it.

Jonas S. - Mt Vernon, OH

I have been a parts manager in two General Motors dealerships for several years. It's a good course for someone starting in the business.

Alvin S. - Fair Bluff, NC

I am extremely impressed with the manual and am looking forward to selling used cars with the guidance of the manual. I was in the automotive business for 23 years, mostly in parts and service. I am now semi-retired due to medical reasons but have the time to devote to this business. Thank you.

Bernard S. - Las Vegas, NV

Let's Take a Look at All the Valuable Resources You'll Receive....

dealer License Book


NEW!.....Updated 2016 Edition!



"How to Get a Car Dealer License and Start a Profitable
Used Car Business"




When I began putting this package together
I wanted to include everything that you will need to get a dealer licnese
your car business.

I wanted to include some EXTRAS that would make this offer
even more valuable for you! And these are the extras that I
came up with..

Wholesale Dealer License Manual



NEW!.....Updated 2016 Edition!



You walk in a car dealer's office. "I'll take that blue 2005 Chevy off your hands." you say. A big grin crosses his face and he names a price. You bargain. He says "Deal!"

WITHIN HOURS you've delivered that Chevy to another dealer and stuffed $235 in pure profits into your pocket. Not bad - and this is the first deal of the day.

This bonus ebook will show you how you can rake in this kind of QUICK PROFITS where you live, day after day ... week after week ... 52 weeks a year!

Thousands have purchased this manual. How to get a wholesale dealer license. A little known but highly profitable business. Good wholesalers can rake in over $100K a year!

Discover the secrets of this little known but very lucrative business!


NEW!.....Updated 2016 Edition!



Would you like to sell a Ford F250 pick-up for $9,592 that you purchased for $5,420?

How about a Ford Van for $14,392 that you purchased for $5,540?

Or a Jeep Cherokee for $27,184 that you purchased for 18,340?

These are actual advertised prices from the London, England "Auto Trader" and the NADA wholesale price guide.

Get your dealer license and with this ebook you'll discover the secrets to exporting/importing cars for fun and profit.






Use it to find the best places to get cars at the lowest prices!  Get your dealer license and you get in!



After you get your dealer license, your first visit to a wholesale auction can be exciting but intimidating! This report gives you all the "rules" that all attendees of a wholesale auction must follow.

You'll discover how to get the auctioneer to reverse a deal if you get a lemon. (arbitration)

You'll learn what the red, green, yellow, and other colored lights mean about the condition of each car.

And much more!  You have to have a dealer license to attend these auctions.



An insider look into the language of the car business.

If you don't know what "bumble bee", "car jacket", "invisible truck" or "floor whores" are, then you need this report.

Over 100 terms used in the car business. You'll sound like an old pro after reading this!

And much more!





Want to know the requirements for a license in Illinois, California or Texas? Well, this report gives the requirements for a license in ALL 50 states and how to get the application forms for a dealer license!




This is an invaluable report. It is the actual copy of the IRS audit guidelines for a car dealer. Use this to set up accounting and business practices so you don't get in trouble with the IRS.

Yes, now you can know what the IRS will be looking for if you ever have an audit of your business.


After your purchase, if you have questions,
I provide, at no cost, telephone and/or email support
 until you get your dealer license and beyond.

JUST $27?

When I discussed this dealer license info package with business friends, they all said it would easily be worth a $97 or more! When I told them what I was going to offer it for, they just shook their heads and said, "Someone's going to get a great deal!"

I felt an obligation to offer something more affordable, something in the price range people could be comfortable with, especially if you are just starting in the business.

The total price of the package, the manuals and the reports should be $97.

That would be the price if I had to print, bind, warehouse and distribute the 800+ page package by I have in the past.

Since my costs are reduced dramatically by using the Internet and delivering the materials electronically, I simply pass the savings to you.

Your special low Internet price is only $27.

I see $27 as a drop in the bucket compared to the your potential earnings with your dealer license. But you have to make the choice.

Act now, you get a no risk, no time limit refund guarantee.

I insist every customer be a satisfied customer, so I'll ask you to e-mail or call me for a complete refund if you're dissatisfied.

This is the way I've done business for over 20 years, so you can be assured I'll stand behind this guarantee. I've done this business with this guarantee online since 1997 and in magazines like Auto Trader before that.

By Don Massey



The dealer license manuals and reports are NOT hardcopy manuals.
They are electronic books that you can have in your hands in minutes!

If you are not familiar with e-books please click
HERE to learn more.

Here's a List of Common Questions You're Probably Asking Yourself Right Now.......

Q: Are you a real person? Can I talk you on the phone?

A: Yes, I'm real! Yes, you can call me with questions. Remember I'm on Mountain Time, so when it's 8:00 am in New York, it's 6 am here in Colorado! Feel free to call me anytime between 9 am and 10 pm Mountain Time. (970) 988-3682.

It's even OK to call just to see if I'm a real person.

I answer my phone in the evenings and during weekends, too!

When I'm not in the office I forward calls to my cell phone so you can even reach me when I'm at Home Depot!

If you happen to call when I'm not available you can leave a message. PLEASE repeat your phone number. Cell phones just don't talk well and sometimes a single number can be garbled so I can't return the call.

So please, please repeat your telephone number. I'm always happy to talk with you.

Q: Is your information current?

A: Yes, I update the dealer license manuals every year.

Q: How many pages are there and can I see a Table of Contents for the manuals?

A: Absolutely, go back up to the description of the manuals and click the links to view the Table of Contents and excerpts from each. The total package has over 800 pages of unique and relevant information.

Q: Can you help me get my dealer license?

A: No, I do not offer that service. The application process is straightforward and I show you how to do it yourself without paying monthly fees for using another's dealer license.

Q: Well, I can fill out the forms, so why do I need your information?

A: The dealer license gives the legal right to buy and sell cars, not the knowledge you'll need to be a successful car dealer. I give you that in this information.

Q: Can I mail you an order for the dealer license package?

A: Yes, just send a personal check or money order (no cash) to the address at the bottom of this page. Include your address and telephone number. See details on pricing ($7 additional fee) on the order form at bottom of this page. I'll ship the next business day after receiving your mail order.

Q: When will I receive my on-line order?

A: Immediately! You'll receive a confirmation email with the download website. If for any reason you don't receive this email, send an email to or call me at 970-988-3682.

Thanks... It's time for you to order!

First, Take a Look at These
Satisfied Customer Comments!

Don, I have just finished reading your manual. To say I'm excited would be an understatement. Since I work on race cars for a living, it seems natural to use my knowledge of cars for additional profits. I am definitely looking forward to using my NEW knowledge for profit. You have also made me aware of the stupid mistakes I have made on my own vehicle purchases. Anyway, keep up the good work. And once again, thank you.

Andy W. - Jacksonville, FL

Thanks Don for putting the eBooks together. I was looking for something like this and it fit the bill. I wanted to say that it was very helpful. It is invaluable. I recently got my dealer license in Maryland. There was no other resource out there like your books. Once again thanks.

Darrell W. - Baltimore, MD

This is the Best, Most Complete Information Available


If You are Serious About Getting Your Dealer License,


You Need This Package!


100% money-back, no questions asked, no-risk guarantee

You may purchase with the following cards.
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Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year

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The complete "Car Business in a Box"


800+ pages!




Not $97


  only $27!


There are no printed manuals available
Please note: You are purchasing eBooks

You will receive a confirmation email with download access info

Shop other Dealer License Internet Offers
and Compare...

I receive calls all the time asking me to comment about other web sites selling information about license. I have not purchased any of the competitors products so I cannot comment on the content but I will say this...

I just provide you the information you need at the lowest cost to get your dealer license and operate a profitable used car business!

Why pay hundreds when $27 will do?

My refund is 100%
No questions asked, at any time.

Two more comments:

If you are going to sell cars on the Internet you must have a license in your state. The Internet is not a "place". You don't sell "on" the Internet. The Internet is just a marketing tool like a newspaper or magazine. You are in a "place" and your state requires your "place" to be licensed no matter what marketing tools you use; i.e. newspapers, signs, Internet, etc.

You cannot use another's  dealer license. The only people who can "use" a dealer's license is an owner or employee, the salesperson. And that salesperson must be at the place of business to sell, not in another state. You cannot "rent" a license.


* eBooks

All these eBooks and e-manuals

800+ pages!

Start Today for only...


Not $97

 only $27!


Imagine it's six months from now!

You ordered "Car Business in a Box" and ....

  • You have your dealer license
  • You have sold 2 cars last month for a gross profit of $2200!
  • This month you project you'll sell 2 more!
  • And you know that it's just the beginning!
  • You think to yourself, it cost so little to discover the secrets to this wonderful business!

100% money-back, no questions asked, no-risk guarantee

Don, I bought your books last Saturday. What a wealth of info!

Bob D. - Detroit, MI



I am a huge fan of your books.  They are a very valuable tool.  I recently bought them and was impressed with the amount of information.  I am now using them to train the employees in my dealership.  Thanks Don!      Aaron G. - Eugene, OR

"Car Business in a Box"
Applies to all 50 States!

Order Now - Start Today!

"The Ultimate Car Business In a Box"

100% money-back, no questions asked, no-risk guarantee

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Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year

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There are no printed manuals available
Please note: You are purchasing eBooks

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Author: Don Massey

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